Monday, August 2, 2010

"The New Kashmir"

This blogger here attributes Kashmiri unrest to economic concerns. Really, blogger, really??

Even if we did, in a distorted and hypothetical world, accept this premise, what exactly do we think LED to the economic devastation of the valley? A few things off the top of my distracted and multitasking head: the flight of hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris because of religious persecution; trade routes being cut off by regional interests; oh, I don't know, maybe even the terrorist training camps set up by the LET and Al Qaeda.

Sick of the misinformation spreading about Kashmir. Scholastic/academic views much too often trivialize the tribulations of all Kashmiris and most importantly, their disinterested analysis does no one any good. Let's be real - Kashmiris need to be more politically involved (through LEGITIMATE MEANS) if there is to ever be a solution. Kashmiris themselves have given up on government advocacy and lobbying -- something that is putting us all very behind. Losing faith in the system has only hurt the KP community.

Before there can be a solution, the problem needs to be truthfully identified. And it seems like way too many people need help with that.

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khaqsar said...


KPs havent lost hope from GOI or JK Govt but 21 yrs of exile is a big time to keep trust that too when for JOB you are supposed to write a slavery Bond which is equivalent to BEGAAR prevalent in British Raj. I hope you know about the employment package.
Regards ,
Khaqsar Wangoo